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june 18, 2022

All roads throughout the year have led to this show.

Queensland Wrestling Alliance’s biggest show of the year.

The show where rivalries come to a conclusion. The show where titles change. The show where interstate and international competitors come and test themselves against the best professional wrestlers in the state.

This is Dominance!

The main event will see current QWA United Heavyweight Champion Trent O’Day putting the title in the line against the 6’7, 120kg Nordic beast Tommy Asguard in a Last Man Standing match!

Dick Riggs will face off against EC Diamond in a battle between two of South East Queensland’s finest!

QWA Middleweight Champion Australian Wolf, QWA Queensland Tag Team Champions Seth Tylors and Sam Cannon will all defend their titles!

Plus Gabriel Zaya, Jason Storm, EC Brownie, The Tainted Crow, Edmund Blayr, JC Sabotage and many many more!

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