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juLY 17, 2021
“Dominance” has been one of Queensland and Australian wrestling’s biggest shows for many years now, and 2021 will be no different!
Last night at QWA Prelude, The Tainted Crow: Zakk Gardner cashed in and vacated his QWA Middleweight Title to earn a QWA United Heavyweight Title Match against one of our most dominant champions of all time, Tommy Asguard! Both men debuted in singles action against each other in 2017, with a decisive win to Asguard.
In the last four years though, both men have taken very different paths, and The Tainted Crow has evolved into one of the sneakiest talents on the QWA roster today!
Asguard has been possibly the most dominant force in QWA since we returned from quarantine! Not losing a match since we returned with last year’s Dominance, he has curb stomped a who’s who of local wrestling!
With the implosion of the short lived “Mentor’s Program”, Storm, Van Der Maw and Thunder formed ‘Dead Man’s Hand’ being led by QWA Commissioner Vera Voltaire. Their mission statement, to knock MDC off the top of the shows, take all their belts and end their careers. After three months of being on the receiving end of gang beatings, Trent O’Day has aligned himself as the new member of Mad Dog Club Australia, being one of the three most established wrestlers in QWA today!
Will the new upstarts be able to score the win? Or will the current guard put the cocky youngsters in their place?
Tickets will be available at www.qldwa.com.au or in physical form at Centenary Hotel Pimlico, Baked By Maree and Inksplosion Tattoo by Wednesday 16th of June 2021.

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